Annuity Companies

Great American Life Insurance Company®
specializes in single premium fixed and fixed-indexed annuities designed with the needs of retirees in mind. Some of our innovative products feature bailouts, return of premium guarantees and riders that provide guaranteed lifetime income.

Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company®
offers fixed, fixed-indexed and variable annuities designed for employees of school districts and not-for-profit organizations​.

Please visit our contact page for questions regarding your annuity, life insurance or long term care policy.

Other subsidiaries:
Manhattan National Life Insurance Company®

Administration for:
Central Reserve Life Insurance Company
Continental General Insurance Company®
Loyal American Life Insurance Company®

Not all companies are licensed in all states. The product material included on this website is for informational purposes only. The information included herein is not an offer to sell, or an invitation to purchase, where such offer to sell, or invitation to purchase, would violate the insurance laws or other laws of any jurisdiction.

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