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Why work in insurance?

Have you ever thought abo​ut wh​o protects the places that create a thriving community? The things you count on each and every day?

The insurance industry helps keep the world moving. Almost every business needs some kind of insurance to protect against the unexpected. That's where we come in.

We're not your typical insurance company. Here, you'll find specialty businesses​ that
insure things like:

  • Casinos (Fidelity / Crime)
  • Race horses in the Kentucky Derby (Equine)
  • Millions of acres of soybeans (Crop)
  • A major league baseball team (Great American Custom)
  • A Hollywood movie star's estate (Property & Inland Marine)

Our Annuity Group helps people insure their futures by helping them reach their retirement dreams with:

  • Traditional fixed, and fixed-indexed products that provide a broad range of benefits
  • Retirement solutions in the education, financial institutions and retail markets
Your work here is important, not only to the success of our company, but to the lives of the people we serve. That can be powerful.

Want to know more about working in this dynamic industry?
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