A direct relationship with your service provider and everything under one roof ensures quick decisions and personalized service.

Two Specialty Focuses:
Equipment Finance Solutions and Equipment Management Solutions

The Specialty Equipment Services Division helps financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and organizations in the private and public sectors manage risk, lessen their administrative load, and reduce expenses through custom solutions and the power of technology.

Equipment Finance Solutions

Our multiple insurance solutions make equipment transactions and financing easy, provide profitable options for your business, and add value to your customer offerings. Each solution is customizable to help you:

  • Build your business with an insurance option
  • Expedite funding and equipment acquisition
  • Streamline business processes

We also provide specialty risk management solutions to help your lease and finance business maintain a healthy portfolio.

Equipment Management Solutions

Our solutions help organizations reduce equipment service costs and improve efficiencies while ensuring that equipment is properly maintained and repaired.

Organizations often have multiple service agreements for equipment which are costly and use considerable administrative resources. Our EMS program consolidates multiple agreements into one easy-to-manage multivendor service agreement, allowing you to:

  • Save significant time and money on contract administration
  • Use the same service providers and parts suppliers or choose new ones
  • Customize a program to co-op with your in-house service department
  • Gain online access to program information at EMSConnect
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