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Cyber Insurance Coverage Now Available

Great American AgriBusiness® Division is now offering a Cyber Insurance Endorsement available with our Farm Liability Coverage. Our Cyber Endorsement provides both first and third-party coverages. Three policy aggregate limits are available: $50,000, $100,000 or $250,000 with a standard deductible of $1,000. The coverage offered by this specialized product contains six separate insuring agreements:

  1. Security Breach Expense
  2. Extortion Threats including Ransom Payments (20% of the Policy Aggregate Limit)
  3. Replacement or Restoration of Electronic Data
  4. Business Income and Extra Expense (10% of the Policy Aggregate Limit)
  5. Public Relations Expense (5% of the Policy Aggregate Limit)
  6. Security Breach Liability (Defense Within Limits)

Review the Cyber Insurance Coverage flyer for further details.

Cyber Insurance Questionnaire

Looking to obtain a quote for the new Cyber Insurance Endorsement? Complete the Cyber Questionnaire located on the AgriBusiness® Division Agency Portal and forward it to your Underwriter for consideration.

Farm Liability: What Great American AgriBusiness® Division Brings to Your Client

Our Great American AgriBusiness® Division farm liability rewrite consists of many changes. Here are the top 5 changes we made for your clients:

  1. Limited Unmanned Aircraft Liability Coverage Endorsement (Personal and advertising injury is excluded)

    The new Limited Unmanned Aircraft Liability Coverage Endorsement provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising from unmanned aircrafts (drones) being used for recreational or normal farming purposes. However, the use cannot be in violation of any federal, state, or local laws or regulations. This endorsement automatically attaches to farm liability policies for no premium charge.

  2. Automatic Additional Insured When Required In Contract or Agreement

    This endorsement will now automatically attach to all farm liability and package policies for no premium charge. This endorsement will apply to any person or organization the Insured is required to add as an Additional Insured under a written contract or agreement, or an oral agreement where a certificate of insurance has been issued for the person or organization.

  3. Volunteer Workers – They are now considered Insureds

    If preforming duties related to the farming operations volunteer workers are now considered Insureds. Volunteers are covered for both medical payments and liability. Requests for the Additional Insured endorsement for volunteers is no longer needed.

  4. Animal Waste on Claims Made basis

    Animal Waste Liability Coverage Endorsement provides bodily injury and property damage coverage resulting from an animal waste incident on a claims-made basis. Renewal policies currently written with animal waste liability coverage will automatically be renewed with this new endorsement. Only the policy in-force at the time a claim is “made” or submitted will apply, and coverage will only respond to loss or damage caused by an animal waste incident that commenced on or after the Retroactive Date shown in the Schedule. Retro Date is the date that the claims-made coverage if first added to the policy; it remains the same with each renewal.

  5. Personal Liability built into the Coverage Form

Personal Liability coverage for our Insured's "personal activities" is now built into the Farm Liability Coverage Form. However, there is still a premium charge for each scheduled dwelling where a Named Insured resides. Therefore, there will be a charge for each dwelling occupied by a “Named” insured.

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