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Did you know…

  1. The AgriBusiness® Division is rolling out IVANS Downloads for eDocs to help you stay on top of the most up-to-date policy information in order to deliver timely and prompt customer service. The types of downloads currently offered by AgriBusiness® Division if IVANS compatible and the agency is paperless with option to print by exception are policy and billing documents. All policy and billing documents are also available through Great American’s Agent Portal, in addition to new business and renewal quote status, loss runs, claim reporting, submission and premium reports and more. To get started with IVANS or to request additional information, contact IVANS on-line Registration Form.
  2. Introducing Rateworksheets@gaig.com! You can now send requests for copies of the AgriBusiness® Division and Equine Farm rating worksheets to the rate worksheets inbox. Remember to share your Policy Number, Named Insured, Mod or Policy effective dates of which the worksheets are needed and your contact information and Agency name for reply within your request. The reply email will come directly from Rateworksheets@gaig.com. Please contact your Underwriter with any questions you may have regarding the use of this mailbox.
  3. Courtney Leonard joins our AgriBusiness® Division. Courtney started with Great American in 2017 within the Equine Mortality Division as an Associate Underwriter and joined the Equine Farm Team in May of this year. Courtney loves to ride horses and her dirt bike (although she says she’s not that good at it), go fishing, running and taking her dog on hikes.

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