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Hello from your AgriBusiness® Claims Team. In this article, we would like to highlight the members of the claims team that provides the outstanding service for which this Division is known.

Our Property Claims team is led by our Claims Supervisor Michael Cline who has been with the AgriBusiness® Division for 6 years. When Michael is not on a golf course or being a great dad to his two kids, he is handling and supervising our larger losses ranging from collapse, wildfires and multi-structure hailstorm claims. Jim Ditto is our resident expert on all things property related and when he is not playing with his new daughter Olivia, he is hard at work adjusting and handling similar losses. Leah Turner is our latest addition and brings her new son, Harry, to our AgriBusiness® Division family. Leah handles property losses including damage to structures, equipment and all duties as assigned. Madeline Brown is our only “swing-adjuster” which means she handles both property and casualty. Madeline is our resident equine expert and does a great job when called upon for her training expertise. When Madeline is not hard at work, she is spending time with her dog, Luna, and her new kitten, Nyx.

Our Property Supervisor is Mark Gross and although he has been with Great American for three years, he has been in the insurance industry for many years. Mark coordinates our training for all incoming claims trainees and provides great mentorship to his staff. The casualty team includes Traci Huesing who graduated from the Ohio State University, BA magna cum laude, and the University of Arkansas School of Law where she obtained her JD cum laude. Traci is handling our liability and bodily injury claims. Rob Baker is our resident expert on all things auto-related. Rob Baker comes to us with 12 years of experience handling auto claims. Rob also spent 15 years as a service writer and service manager at a car dealership and when he is not handling claims, he is likely working on restoring/refurbishing a vehicle. Our newest addition on the casualty team is Terri Studer who brings prior experience in claims handling including trucking claims. Terri has quickly embraced the auto handling book and is increasing her responsibility within the casualty lines. Terri used to own horses and still lives on the farm with her two dogs, a cat and arguably her better half.

Christina Boone serves as our Claims Technical Director and has been in the insurance industry for 30 years. Tina handles our high exposure losses including the fatality and complex losses. In addition, she assists with counsel selection and file direction to the other casualty adjuster. When Tina is not cheering on her son Ryan as he is playing basketball or soccer or at mediation or handling a negotiation, she is likely with her dog, Kobe, or her new granddaughter, Rosie.

I serve as the Vice President, Claims Manager of the AgriBusiness® Division and I have been with Great American for 24 years. My two daughters and I reside in Cincinnati. It is my honor and privilege to manage this dedicated and phenomenal claims team.

Thank you,


Janelle Winford
Vice President, Claims Manager
Equine AgriBusiness® Division

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