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Wishing you and your families a safe and warm holiday season, and a very happy New Year!

  • Holiday shopping sales are projected to hit $1 trillion in the U.S. Between $96 billion and $98 billion of those sales will be online.
  • Holiday shopping can account for up to 30 percent of a retailer’s annual sales.
  • 76% of mobile shoppers changed their mind about which retailer/brand to buy from after searching online.
  • The average holiday shopper spends around $935 online during the holidays.
  • 33 million real Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. each year.
  • It takes an average of seven years to grow a Christmas tree.
  • Retail foot traffic continues to slump. One study found foot traffic in US retail stores fell 7.5% in November and December 2017.
  • 67% of consumers have purchased a gift they saw on social media.
  • FedEx predicts to handle 400 million packages.
  • USPS is expected to deliver more than 15 billion pieces of mail including 850 million packages.
  • UPS plans to deliver more than 750 million packages globally.
  • The U.S. Department of Commerce found sales of building materials and garden equipment surged by 8.1% during the holiday season, while furniture and home furnishing sales increased by 7.5% and sales in electronics and appliance stores grew 6.7%.
  • Animal Crackers were originally a Christmas treat. They were first introduced in 1902. The string on the box was intended to be used to hang the boxes on Christmas trees.
  • Jelly doughnuts are a traditional Hanukkah treat.
  • Queen Elizabeth I invented gingerbread men.
  • Cookies were originally made to test oven temperature. Cooks would take a small dollop of cake batter and bake it as a means of gauging whether the oven was ready or not.
  • The most popular holiday destination is Mexico.
  • Since 2005, total year-end holiday travel has increased by over 25%.
  • 107.3 million Americans will travel by plane, train, automobile and other modes of transportation from December 23 to January 1.
  • 94.7 million will travel by automobile.
  • 6.4 million will travel by air.
  • 3.6 million will travel by trains, buses, rails and cruise ships.


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