GAIG is Going Digital!

Agent Portal Policy Documents – Throw out the papers, we’re only digital!

Not only is this a fast and convenient way to receive your policies, it also helps us towards our shared goal of protecting the environment. You can access policy documents 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our Agent Portal.

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MyBilling is Now Digital

These records are now only available digitally:

  • Current Delinquent Policies as of Today – lists all of the policies for your master producer number that are in delinquent status. Daily, weekly or monthly subscription options are available.

  • Day Delinquent Policies as of Today – lists only policies that have moved to delinquent status that day. A daily subscription is available for this report.

  • Notice of Cancellation (NOCs) Generated Today – lists all NOCs that have been issued that day for your master producer number. A daily subscription to this report is available.

Click here to access the MyBilling Quick Card

You can also sign up to have your MyBilling Reports automatically sent to email:

  1. Log in to MyBilling.

  2. Select Agent Reports from the toolbar.

  3. Select the Report Type using drop down arrows.

  4. Select the Billing Method to run the report.

  5. Specify a Frequency to receive the reports, if available. Some reports have a set frequency.

  6. Enter the Email Address that the Excel report should be delivered to. This does not have to be the same email address you use to log in to MyBilling.

  7. Click Submit.

For more information about our transition to digital reporting, contact the MyBilling team at or call 800-847-4357.

Log in to MyBilling if you prefer to access your reports manually.

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