Important Changes to BillingCenter Payment Processing

New enhancements improve overall experience!

To improve the overall customer experience, on November 8, Great American Insurance Group changed our third party payment processor for BillingCenter only. This update will offer the following enhancements:

  • Additional functionality

  • Ability to streamline the automated phone system

  • Reduce credit card processing costs

  • Capability to send out automated email, phone and text reminders throughout the delinquency period

  • Reduce uncollectible premium

Please note that for these features to be beneficial, we will begin obtaining and entering an Insured’s valid email address and phone number in our respective policy systems. This information will pass to BillingCenter.

For Insureds: As of November 5, Direct Bill Insureds will receive a flier with the invoices to notify them of the changes and a request for assistance. As of November 7, MyBilling Insureds and Agents will also be emailed the changes to electronic payments.

For Agents: All agents with MyBilling Access and any agents that have set up separately for the direct bill down-payment application will receive a flier including information on the MyBilling improvements.

Since we have changed payment vendors and were unable to transfer the recurring payment information, we are asking all recurring payment customers to go online or call to re-register with the new vendor. We are giving the Insured until February 2018 to update this information and have a plan to help facilitate the change.

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