Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

On Valentine’s Day, at least 3% of pet owners give gifts to their pets.

Valentine’s Day is the second-largest seasonal card sending time of the year. On this particular day, nearly a billion cards are exchanged.

The official declaration of St. Valentine’s Day as a holiday was made by King Henry VIII of England. This happened in 1537.

Richard Cadbury officially produced Cadbury’s first box of chocolates intended for Valentine’s Day somewhere during the late 1800s. Today, more than 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate are sold every year on Valentine’s Day.

Buying flowers on Valentine’s Day is more common among men than among women. Only 27% of women buy flowers for their partners while 73% of men buy flowers for their partners.

In U.S. alone the chocolates purchased on Valentine’s Day are worth over $1 billion.

Consumers in America spent approximately $18.2 billion for Valentine’s Day in 2017, a figure that was expected to rise around $27.4 billion in 2020.

The majority of Valentine’s Day sales are attributed to jewelry, followed by an evening out and clothing.

Valentine’s Day is the fourth most expensive holiday when it comes to shopping. It follows Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter.

According to spending expectations, the average consumer was expected to spend nearly $200 in 2020, which is 21% more than last year.

It was expected that most shoppers would be shopping for their sweethearts online this year. More than 37% was expected to use Amazon, while another 7% was predicted to use other online retailers.

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