Wildfire Safety Tips


Don’t miss Great American Loss Control’s recent webinar on Best Practices in Wildfire Safety. This is a great source of information on the trends associated with wildfire risk, but the session also explores how one can plan for wildfires, protect your business and, if there is an event, our experts discuss how you can respond. Share this resource with insureds as well. Great American’s team will continue to build our property-related webinar series.

Learn more about what you should do if a wildfire threatens by reading more from our Wildfire Safety Tips.

From various training sessions and educational resources such as our Safety Tips, we provide specialized services to help reduce loss potential, loss costs and control unsafe acts and conditions. To access these valuable resources, visit GAIG.com/LP.

An important value of your insurance coverage is the insurer’s ability and reputation for responding to and handling a claim. Great American’s Property & Inland Marine Division is dedicated to offering excellent claims services to insureds. When there’s a claim, the last thing you need to be doing is searching all over for us.

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