Apprenticeship opportunities increasing!

In June 2018, an Executive Order was issued to help expand apprenticeship opportunities throughout the United States. This will invest training for 50,000 new workers in various trades over the next five years. On August 30, 2018, the Department of Labor launched, where those looking to find a career in a particular trade can look for opportunities, and employers can post job availability within their company. Over the last few years, construction jobs have seen an increase in delays due to lack of skilled labor. We see this delay in practice with insurance, as we see a continuous increase in extensions on new construction and renovation projects. Plumbers, electricians, and framers are among the most common trades needing help. This website, coupled with the NAHBs commitment to this Order, could have a positive effect on construction and will hopefully lead to more productive and timely projects.

In the meantime, if you need to extend a Builder’s Risk One-Shot Policy, agents with access to our website have the authority to extend policies within the system. If you see an extension quoting at $100 and has a ‘Referred’ status, please email If there are any additional questions in regards to your policy extension, please contact your underwriter.


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