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One of the great capabilities of our online system is the ability to endorse for many different reasons. A common endorsement is amending the Mailing/Billing address of the insured. Below is how to properly endorse for a mailing/billing address change in the system so that a proper endorsement generates for this change. These directions also apply to changing or amending the Named Insured.

To amend a mailing/billing address of the insured:

  1. Go to the latest transaction on the inforce policy.
  2. Under the Actions widget on the left hand side of the screen, select ‘Endorse’. A new screen will appear where you can select your type of endorsement.
  3. Select ‘Named Insured – Amend Mailing Address’.
  4. Click ‘Next’ at the bottom right of the page until you get to the Additional Interests page.
    Residential Construction Quote and Issue System
  5. On this screen, select ‘Yes’ next to Named Insured. The page will update to look like the screen above.
  6. Select ‘Add’.
  7. A new screen will appear (see below).Select ‘This endorsement AMENDS the Named Insured as originally issued’.
    Residential Construction Quote and Issue System
  8. In the ‘Name’ field, enter the insured/policy name the same since that is not changing. Enter the new address as the fields indicate.
  9. Click ‘Save & Close’.
  10. Under the Insured widget on the right hand side of the screen. Select the named insured/policy name and the screen below will appear.
    Residential Construction Quote and Issue System
  11. Change the address in the appropriate fields to the new address you just added.
  12. Click ‘Save & Close’ the screen.
  13. Click ‘Next’ until the ‘Quoted’ status appears on the upper right hand side of the screen, or under the Actions widget. The ‘Submit to Issue’ button will appear.

Note: This type of endorsement should generate a $0.00 premium. If it is charging or returning premium please reach out to your underwriter before issuance.

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