Save postage by submitting your General Liability form using DocuSign®.​

Note: If you also need to submit a Worker's Compensation Audit, you may navigate to the Worker's Compensation tab to submit both audits at the same time.

  1. Gather Documentation

    You have the option of uploading supporting documentaion, if requested. To see what may be required in your submission, click ​Learn More to see an easy to follow checklist for submission.

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  2. Complete your form

    To complete the General Liability process, fill out the form received by mail, and scan and save to PDF format for upload using DocuSign®.

  3. Upload and Sign

    Complete the process by clicking Sign Now below. After providing your name and email address, you will be prompted with an access code to confirm your identity. Confirm you acceptace of the Electronic Consumer Disclosure, and follow the on-screen prompts to upload your scanned General Liability form and supporting documents.

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