Review these tips before submitting

Preparing General Liability audit documents

  1.   Prepare all documents prior to beginning the submissions process according to the "Gather Supporting Documentation" checklist.
  2.   Double-check document type and size limitations before uploading.

Using DocuSign - Adding Attachments

  To upload your documents as attachments use the attachment tags:
Add attachment tag:
  1. Click to add one or more documents.
  2. Be sure to click to remove extra yellow attachment tags before attempting to sign.
Attachment Added tag:
  1. You have added one attachment per blue tag.
  2. Click these tags to remove a document, or add more documents.

Using DocuSign - Reviewing Attachments

  Review that you have added all of your attachments by clicking the thumbnail icon in the top right corner of the window.


Using DocuSign - Save Your Progress

During the DocuSign signing process, you will upload your documentation securely to DocuSign before placing your signature on the electronic submission form.
Your session will time out after 20 mintues of inactivity.
  To save your progress, click Other Actions, then Finish Later to access your submission from an emailed link.


Using DocuSign - Completing your Submission

  When all required information is added, and you have placed your signature on the document, you will see the "Finish" button at the bottom of the signing screen.

Note: If you do not see the Finish button, you have not completed a required field, or a yellow attachment tag is still present on the page.

OK! I got it. I'm ready to...

Tip: Is another person authorized to sign your audit? Use Upload and Route instead to send your documents to another person for e-signature.