Employee photo of Alexis F.

Alexis F.
Great American Custom

Los Angeles, CA

"I enjoy going to work each day. I have found people who mentor me, who support me, who make me laugh and most importantly who continually challenge me. I believe people make an organization great and that is clearly evident at Great American."

I joined Great American Custom right after I graduated from college. I started as an associate production underwriter and was promoted within a year to production underwriter. The Company’s learning & development opportunities are an enormous asset to my career and personal development. There are seminars that you can attend and articles that you can read on numerous topics from emotional intelligence to underwriting trends in the marketplace.

Great American is also supportive of employees having a work life balance and taking care of their health. We are encouraged to take paid time off and participate in health and wellness programs that reward us for leading healthy active lifestyles. It all goes back to encouraging employees to live a full productive and happy life.

I enjoy going to work each day. Everyone I interact with on daily basis from my boss, to my brokers, to my co-workers all add worth to my day. I have found people who mentor me, who support me, who make me laugh and most importantly who continually challenge me. I believe people make an organization great and that is clearly evident at Great American.

Employee photo of Chad S.

Chad S.
Annuity Group

Cincinnati, OH

"Great American is the smallest large company I’ve ever worked for. I say that because everyone feels connected and you get to know other employees so quickly even those that you do not work with directly."

I love how at Great American you interact with all employees no matter their title or job. I can be in a meeting with our summer interns and then in the next meeting be sitting next to our CFO. Titles do not create boundaries here. Everyone has an opportunity to contribute and be heard. It’s like one big family.

I find my work rewarding because there are always new challenges and so many talented people to help you work through them. It’s ok to say “I don’t know” because your co-workers are willing to collaborate with you to find a solution or answer. Another great way to increase your skills is the Company’s learning and development programs. Great American University is the best corporate learning program I’ve ever experienced even for a seasoned professional like me. Many of the courses align with your job experience and focus on growing new skills and improving existing skills. Classes are designed so you can apply what you have learned to your professional and personal life.

Employee photo of Elyse W.

Elyse W.
Specialty Human Services

Chicago, IL

"The best words to describe working at Great American are career empowerment because the company provides employees the building blocks they need to manage their own careers."

Not only are we given on-the-job training, we also have access to Great American University, which provides learning opportunities for employees at all career and skill levels. From instructor-led programs and online courses, to early career development and financial assistance to pursue professional designations and degrees - employees have so many opportunities to grow professionally. As an associate underwriter, I currently provide account support and manage small accounts and renewals. My career goal is to become a senior underwriter and manage my own book of business. I am grateful for the educational resources available to help me reach it.

Great American not only has benefits to help you succeed in your career, the company also provides benefits to help you invest in your retirement. I am able to save money for my future by contributing and receiving a company match to my 401(k) Retirement and Savings Plan and health savings account. I can also purchase our parent company stock at a discounted rate through our Employee Stock Purchase Plan, which makes me feel I have a personal investment in Great American and can contribute to its financial success.