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Tim Minard, Chief Distribution Office, Annuity Group, executive portrait

July 23, 2018

A winning strategy

With July in full swing, I hope you are able to get out and enjoy what you like to do in the heat of the summer months. For me, I usually hope to get out and enjoy some time on the golf course. Like many of you, it is a never-ending quest as to how I can improve my game. Over the years, I’ve learned that although good mechanics are imperative for success, executing a sound strategy is equally important.

If you’re familiar with the term “course management,” you may have heard these tips for success:

  1. Start thinking two shots ahead
  2. Play to your strengths

When I think about our product development strategy at Great American, I see many similarities. Our job as product manufacturers is to anticipate how the market is changing and innovate, and in doing this, stay committed to doing what we do best – producing simple, consumer-centric products.

Since I began my tenure with Great American two years ago (almost to the day!), I’m proud of our achievements in the product development arena. In fact, my colleague Joe Maringer, who’s been with the company for 18 years, said he’s never seen a time when our product pipeline has been so robust.

In Wink’s first quarter 2018 Sales & Market report, we were fifth in overall indexed annuity sales. With a 6.9% market share, it was one of the largest increases from fourth quarter 2017. So, how did we get here? We are thinking two shots ahead and playing to our strengths.

Positioned for a changing market

Recognizing the need for new solutions in the advisory space, we launched one of the industry’s first fee-based fixed-indexed annuities in late 2016. Over one-year periods ending in 2018, strategies available through the Index Protector 7 returned up to 18.97% – a clear win for consumers looking to supplement their fixed income portfolios. Moreover, as a way to continue to push the envelope, we developed the Index Frontier® 5 and 7 variable-indexed annuities. With competitive earning potential, capped losses and no upfront or recurring fees, these products can help pre-retirees boost their savings, without taking on too much risk.

Dedicated to our core line of business

Just as we look for ways to innovate, we remain committed to our core – easy-to-understand annuities that are high in consumer value. Just eight months since the launch of the American Landmark 5®, it has earned its place as one of our top-selling products. More recently, we introduced the American Legend® 7. With the addition of a market value adjustment, we’re able to provide consumers 0.50% more in rate. Plus, there’s more on the horizon, including a seven-year fixed-indexed annuity that features a bonus. And, we are not finished, so keep an eye out for even more exciting news to come.

As I reflect on the previous two years and look ahead at what’s to come, one thing is clear. A consistent winning strategy is to think ahead and to play to our strengths, which will pave the way for our success – and maybe help some golfers as well.

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