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Finding Balance on the Investment Continuum

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Weighing clients’ risk tolerance is an important first step in helping them plan and invest for retirement. Risk-averse clients may consider money market or bond funds, but such conservative investments can offer little growth potential and could leave them short on retirement income. More aggressive clients may consider investing directly in the market, but a market downturn could wipe out years of savings and derail their retirement plans.

An Alternative Solution

It’s likely you have clients who fall between the ends of the investment continuum. Great American offers a solution that can help balance the need for growth and protection.

Index Summit 6 - Investment Continuum
This graphic illustrates generalized risk levels between a variety of investments and insurance contracts. Various factors may impact risk levels.

The Index Summit 6℠ variable-indexed annuity offers index-linked growth potential with a 50% level of protection, meaning clients only assume half the risk of index downturns. Its other benefits include tax deferral and guaranteed lifetime income, which is unique to annuities and unavailable on many alternative investments.

The Index Summit 6 may be a good fit for clients seeking:

  • Higher-risk investments without investing directly in the market
  • Higher returns with a level of downside protection
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Diversified earning potential

Talk to your clients about how the Index Summit 6 can help mitigate risk and facilitate growth for retirement.

An early withdrawal charge is applied to surrenders and withdrawals that exceed the penalty-free withdrawal allowance. If under age 59½, the taxable amount withdrawn from a qualified or non-qualified annuity is generally subject to a 10% federal penalty tax. Variable-indexed annuities involve risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

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