Upside Potential And Downside Protection With A Competitive Cap

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Win By Not Losing

As you near retirement, the possibility of a market downturn may become a greater concern. However, there is a way to achieve upside potential and downside protection. A fixed-indexed annuity (FIA) allows you to participate in positive market performance (up to a cap) and locks in gains—this means your account value is protected and will remain level, even when the market declines.

Comparing index performance to an FIA

Consider a $100,000 IRA invested in stocks that make up the S&P 500® Index, and a $100,000 FIA with all purchase payments allocated to an indexed strategy with a 4% cap. Going back to 2000, see how the FIA would have locked in gains during times of market declines.

Lock in Competitive Gains graph

This graph is designed to help you understand how a fixed-indexed annuity works. It is not intended to show past or future performance of an indexed strategy. Graph illustrates historical performance of S&P 500 since 2000, excluding dividends paid on the stocks included in the index. Hypothetical fixed-indexed annuity assumes a $100,000 purchase payment, allocated to an S&P 500 annual point-to-point index strategy with a 4% cap for each calendar year in the 19-year period shown in the graph. However, during the period shown in the example, the actual caps that we applied to our fixed-indexed annuities varied by product and from term to term and ranged from 2.00% to 10%. In addition, the one-year terms for our fixed-indexed annuities are not based on a calendar year but start on the 6th and 20th of each month. A different cap and a different term start date would affect the performance of the hypothetical FIA and result in higher or lower account values than those shown above. For example, if we assumed a 2.00% cap, then the account value at the end of 2019 would have been $129,361.

This example assumes no money is withdrawn from the FIA. If you take a withdrawal or surrender an FIA during the early withdrawal charge period, an early withdrawal charge and a market value adjustment may apply. An early withdrawal charge will reduce the account value. A market value adjustment may increase or reduce the account value.

S&P 500 and FIA returns and account values since 2000

IRA invested in S&P 500 stocks FIA allocated to S&P 500 indexed strategy with 4% cap
Year Return Account value Return Account value
2000 -10.13% $89,870 0.00% $100,000
2001 -13.04% $78,150 0.00% $100,000
2002 -23.36% $59,894 0.00% $100,000
2003 26.38% $75,694 4.00% $104,000
2004 8.99% $82,498 4.00% $108,160
2005 3.00% $84,972 3.00% $111,404
2006 13.61% $96,536 4.00% $115,860
2007 3.52% $99,934 3.52% $119,938
2008 -38.48% $61,479 0.00% $119,938
2009 23.45% $75,895 4.00% $124,735
2010 12.78% $85,594 4.00% $129,724
2011 0.00% $85,594 0.00% $129,724
2012 13.40% $97,063 4.00% $134,912
2013 29.60% $125,793 4.00% $140,308
2014 11.39% $140,120 4.00% $145,920
2015 -0.72% $139,111 0.00% $145,920
2016 9.53% $152,368 4.00% $151,756
2017 19.41% $181,942 4.00% $157,826
2018 -6.23% $170,607 0.00% $157,826
2019 28.87% $219,861 4.00% $164,139
Annualized return 5.59%   2.52%  

Talk to your financial professional about a solution that can provide growth potential and downside protection throughout your years in retirement.

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