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Agriculture plays a major role in water pollution, worldwide. Farms discharge large quantities of agrochemicals, organic matter, drug residues, sediments and saline drainage into water bodies and pose demonstrated risks to aquatic ecosystems, human health and productive activities.

While most package policies offer protection for certain types of pollution-related events, there are others that may not be covered, leaving your client to fend for themselves in dealing with the numerous environmental regulations and requirements in place to address such issues.

Environmental Liability Insurance from Great American can enhance the coverage offered by the standard package policies for pollution conditions associated with typical agricultural operations. Below are just a few general examples where pollution coverage can be broadened and bridge the gap for your Insured:

  • Coverage provided for gradual events on a claims-made basis for pollution conditions on-site or migrating beyond the insured’s property (must be discovered and reported during the policy period)
  • No sub-limit for clean-up costs associated with a release
  • Broad definition of pollutants including terrorism exposures
  • Includes coverage for materials illicitly abandoned
  • Liability for disposal of the insureds waste at non-owned disposal sites on an unscheduled basis
  • Liability for transportation of the insureds product or waste by the insured or a third party carrier while in-bound or out-bound to or from a covered location
  • Business interruption or contingent business interruption coverage for the insureds operations affected by pollution conditions occurring on-site or from off-site sources
  • Annual policies or multi-year options are available

It is important your client ask themselves the following in determining their level of environmental risk:

Environmental checklist graphic - Does your farm, or associated buildings have tanks containing agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, anhydrous ammonia, etc. Do you have neighbors that may be subject to a potential release at your site? Do you apply chemicals/fertilizers to 3rd party properties? Do you transport your products to and from your location- whether it be to warehouses, retail stores, etc.?

Examples of potential losses include: accidents at controlled atmosphere storage facilities can release toxic anhydrous ammonia causing potential injuries and lost business income for surrounding properties; and farms that may store a multitude of agricultural chemicals that could accidentally be released and require on-site clean-up.

Contact me to further discuss how we can best protect your agricultural clients!

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Erin Murphy

Erin is an underwriter with Great American’s Environmental Division. She joined the team after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and minors in both Sustainability Studies and Public Health. Erin brings a modern knowledge of the environmental sector to the team and is based out of the Exton office.

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