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Builder’s Risk

  • $1,000 min. premium / $1,000 min. deductible
  • Frame limits up to $3 million
  • Masonry Non-Combustible or better construction up to $20 million
  • Earthquake & flood* limits up to $5 million
    *Earthquake and flood not available in all areas

Contractor’s Equipment

  • $750 min. premium / $500 min. deductible
  • Replacement cost for equipment seven years of age or less
  • Schedule up to $3 million and a $500,000 maximum for any single item
  • Target Operation Types: building construction, excavation and grading, highway and road paving, public utility including water and sewer

Motor Truck Cargo

  • $1,000 min. premium / $1,000 min. deductible
  • Limits up to $250,000 per power unit / $500,000 per occurrence for select commodities
  • Up to 10 power units
  • Target Operation Types: dry van/box, refrigerated freight, flat bed and containerized freight

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