In today’s business environment, technology is often the key to success. Unfortunately, there are hidden risks associated with technology that are not covered by traditional insurance. Cyber Risk insurance is essential for any business that:

  • Uses the Internet;
  • Has a website and/or social media presence;
  • Accepts electronic payment;
  • Keeps personal and/or medical data on clients/employees; or
  • Issues laptops, tablets and/or smartphones to employees.

Cyber Insurance: Just the Facts

Use this tool to help demonstrate the need for cyber coverage!

With Great American's cyber coverage you'll get:

Comprehensive insurance

Great American offers eight separate insuring agreements that can be purchased in any combination. These coverages address not only expenses related to a cyber breach, but also the breached organization’s potential liability to others.

Integrated incident response services

In the event of a breach, coverage includes consulting services from CyberScout®, including regulatory consulting, consumer notification assistance, media relations consulting and a response plan.

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