ClearOne Equipment Management

Reduce your number of contracts for hard-dollar savings and less administration time

Our one agreement replaces your multiple service contracts, providing up to 20% savings on equipment maintenance and repair costs. Managing fewer contracts comes back to you in reduced administration time, which yields additional cost savings.

ClearOne savings are achieved in several ways:

Contract consolidation

We have strategic relationships with equipment vendors and manufacturers that provide reputable, high-quality equipment servicing. This allows you to receive the same level of service you currently have or better without multiple vendor contracts.

Our extensive knowledge of market costs for preventive maintenance and repair on a local, regional and national basis allows us to obtain the most competitive pricing for service. These excellent prices are passed on to you, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Our vendor-neutral approach to equipment management allows you to keep your current vendors or choose from our vetted alternatives. This environment encourages vendors to complete on a time-and materials basis for your business, often resulting in better service and greater equipment uptime.