With the increasing frequency of highly publicized security breaches, business leaders understand the damaging effects a cyber attack can have on their business. All it takes is one incident to cause significant financial loss and permanent reputational damage.

There is widespread legislation that requires businesses to notify individuals of security breaches involving personally identifiable information. This often results in costly regulatory proceedings with fines, penalties and legal expenses. With limits up to $10 million, Great American’s Cyber Risk Insurance policy can help protect your clients from a potential cyber-related loss.

  • Track and manage your accounts
  • Quote Cyber
  • Quote Private D&O, EPL and/or Fiduciary (U.S. Only)
  • Quote Nonprofit D&O/EPL
  • Quote Standalone EPL (U.S. Only)
  • Access loss runs

Appetite includes:

  • Nonprofit Organizations and Private Companies
  • Up to $500 million in revenues, 5 million credit card transactions or 1 million records

Class List:

  • Preferred classes: Social services, healthcare, education, small towns/municipalities, hospitality, retail, construction, industrial, manufacturing
  • Prohibited classes: Banks, life and health insurance companies, credit card processors, data brokers, DOD and DOE contractors, technology accounts, staffing risks, and title agents

Data Breach Management Services