Guidelines for our Public Entity Business

Great American provides the following risk guidelines in the public sector marketplace:

  • Minimum self-insured retention of $100,000
  • Individual risks with populations of 250,000 or less
  • The entity must maintain a relationship with a qualified third-party administrator or have in-house claims staff
  • The allocated loss adjustment expense is inside/inside or outside/outside
  • We do not offer workers’ compensation or monoline professional coverage
  • Property coverage is not available in Tier I, Tier II or Tornado Alley
  • Terrorism coverage is limited in some major cities
  • As part of initial information gathering for any risk, the entity will be required to provide:
    • Ground-up historical and exposure data for the past 10 years
    • Construction, occupancy, protection (COPE) data for each location in an Excel spreadsheet format.
    • Audited financial and actuarial reserve statements