@Request Insurance: a do-it-yourself program for protecting assets

For businesses who want to take control of the insurance process and ensure protection for leased and financed equipment and commercial-titled vehicles, Great American’s @Request Insurance Program is available.

Coverage at your fingertips

Quickly protect assets with our easy-to-use online system, LeaseProtection2. Coverage can be placed upfront at origination or anytime during the contract term when there is risk exposure. Your customer’s leased and financed equipment is protected under a Master Policy* issued to your business, thus waiving the requirement for the customer to obtain insurance. This is in exchange for a Program Charge paid by the customer.

Customer convenience

Providing protection to customers using @Request is an easy way for them to meet the insurance requirements of their contracts.

Easy and quick to get started

There are no upfront costs, and all you need is the internet. You can be up and running in a week or so. Once implemented, you can generate quotes, place and cancel coverage as needed, and submit claims.

An easy way to:

  • Take control of protecting leased and financed assets and reduce risk exposure
  • Avoid funding delays caused by waiting on customers’ proof of insurance
  • Earn fee income by including an administrative fee in the customer’s Program Charge
  • Have peace of mind knowing that asset protection under your Master Policy* is often broader than coverage under a standard policy obtained by your customer

*Your customer is not an insured, additional insured or third party beneficiary under the Master Policy

What One Client Has to Say

If we had to wait for insurance certificates to come to us, it would drastically reduce our transaction turnaround time. It is very helpful for us to have the ability to immediately protect the equipment, and it is beneficial to our customers.

Marcelle Newstadt
Administration, Vault Credit Corporation

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