Wanting to expand your book of business?

Look no further than Specialty Equipment. We offer a variety of insurance programs to meet the growing demands of niche equipment markets. These programs provide broad coverages to protect equipment and commercial titled vehicles.

Equipment Physical Damage Programs

Available for cash purchase, finance, lease, and rental transactions, types of programs include:

  • Full-Service Automated Program immediately places insurance on equipment portfolios.
  • Online Self-Service allows the customer to instantly enroll in an equipment protection program.
  • Point-of-Sale protection offered at finance origination.
  • Machine Tool Operator Error insures physical damage to a machine tool resulting from an operator’s programming error.
  • Rental Loss Damage Waiver provides coverage to equipment while out on rental.
  • Repossession Coverage provides protection to the lessor during the repossession process.
  • Accidental Damage from Handling, or “Drop Coverage,” helps mitigate the risks of accidental damage and liquid infiltration to medical devices.

Commercial Vehicle Program

Commercial Vehicle Property Insurance protects the insured against uninsured physical loss or damage to financed commercial-titled vehicles. The policy covers collision and comprehensive losses but does not provide liability coverage.

Risk Management Programs for Lease Portfolios

  • Equipment Residual Value Insurance helps Canadian bank lessors comply with the Bank Act’s residual retention limits by transferring some residual risk. It also allows lessors to account for operating leases as finance leases to accelerate earnings and enhance their financials.
  • Stipulated Loss Gap Coverage insures the exposure between the new book value and the stipulated loss value when lessors buy or sell a lease. Eliminates the need to set reserves for exposure.

Insurance Tracking

Available as part of the Full-Service Automated Program or as a stand-alone option. Insurance Tracking monitors and detects uninsured equipment or vehicles that present risk to your client.