Insurance Tracking: a service to help detect risk and free up your staff

Insurance tracking is a time-consuming process that requires significant internal resources to detect uninsured assets that expose you to risk. Our tracking service is available as part of our Automatic Insurance Program and as a stand-alone option.

An efficient process

Your customer’s insurance status for leased and financed equipment is monitored by our Insurance Tracking System. When insurance cannot be verified, we contact your lessee or their agent or broker. They can submit proof of insurance easily via phone, fax, email, mail, and via our client web-based options. Additionally, your customer’s insurance status is readily accessible online.

If proof of insurance is not received and you are using Automatic Insurance, we place coverage on the equipment and update the billing file. If you are using Tracking as a stand-alone service, we notify you of exposure and you handle the rest.

An easy way to

  • Free up your employees to focus on other tasks that drive revenue
  • Validate customer’s coverage by our Customer Contact Center that specializes in tracking insurance
  • Ensure that customers are insurance-compliant throughout the term of the lease or finance contract