Employment Practices Liability Updates: Policy Enhancements and Rate Changes

Our Employment Practices Liability (EPL) product recently received a makeover. Revisions include:

  • Third-party coverage endorsements have been amended to include any harassment, not just coverage for sexual harassment. Policy language providing third-party coverage also includes coverage for discrimination. Some restrictions apply for certain natures of business and in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Third-party coverage given on Financial Institution classes of business, including insurance brokers, now also includes discrimination and harassment. The coverage is subject to a discriminatory lending exclusion.
  • We’re adding our “EPL Enhanced Elite” endorsement to our standalone EPL accounts. This endorsement has many enhancements, including the removal of the “hammer” clause and 100% defense allocation.
  • More competitive new business rates for many risks in Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada and Texas.
  • Online quotes will now offer coverage by endorsement for independent contractors as Insureds when indemnified by the Insured.

For complete product information, visit https://www.greatamericaninsurancegroup.com/for-businesses/product-details/executive-liability/employment-practices.