Meet our Intern


Over the summer, Sal D’Acquisto joined the ELD team as an intern. Sal is a senior at Illinois State University, where he studies Risk Management Insurance and Finance.

What does your internship entail?

My internship consists of Private D&O renewals and new submissions. I have worked on multiple projects with claims data and broker data. I have met with multiple people throughout the office to give me a better understanding of management liability products at Great American.

What was the most interesting part of your intern experience?

The most interesting part of my experience was going to Cincinnati to visit home office and to meet the other RMI interns. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and I thought it was really cool to see the company culture in Cincinnati.

What have you learned?

There have been some key things I have learned including the day to day role of an underwriter, what D&O insurance is, how to better use Microsoft Office, and what roles go into this successful division.

What surprised you about your internship?

What surprised me is how much actually goes into operating an insurance company. The many management roles, underwriters, claims attorneys, marketing and IT.

How did you find out about internship opportunities with Great American?

I had some friends that have interned here in the past. They told me about their experience which made me decide to apply.

What intrigued you about studying/working in insurance?

The opportunity that exists within the industry. I am fortunate enough to be at a school with a great insurance program. The more I learned about the industry and the business, the more I gained a desire to work in insurance. I like the fact that insurance is relationship driven and it’s a fun industry to work in.

What are your thoughts about working with specialty products, such as those offered by the ELD?

My goal in the future as an underwriter is to specialize on certain products so I think it is definitely a great fit.

How might your internship affect the way you approach your final year of college?

I will feel more confident because I understand insurance at a higher level than I did before. When I meet new people in the insurance industry, I will feel more confident sharing my experiences.

How do you see technology changing the insurance industry?

I think technology will massively change the insurance industry. More and more tasks will become automated and people can use this to their advantage to use their time elsewhere. I think with better technology comes better use of data. Data can become a very powerful tool for companies to remain efficient. New technology will most likely create new insurance products. New technology in the world calls for new things needing to be insured which can help create jobs and other opportunities. I think cyber is extremely important because of the effect that technology might have on the industry. Cyber attacks will become more common and there will be new attacks we haven’t seen before such as hackers taking control of driverless cars. I think there is a lot of change to come with technology and the insurance industry.