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A Note from Leadership – Barry Geisler, Divisional Senior Vice President

While the celebration of Great American’s 150th anniversary marks a major milestone, the Environmental Division is proud to celebrate 14 years of stability– one of the few insurance carriers serving the environmental industry with such longevity since we wrote our first policy in 2008. This edition of the Environmental Insider demonstrate how we believe in putting the needs of our business clients first.

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Agriculture Riskopolis

Great American knows the unique challenges that farm professionals of all kinds face in their line of work. Whether it is a chemical overspray or leaking aboveground storage tank, agriculture operation may pose an array of environmental exposures. The Agriculture Riskopolis showcases some of the environmental risks that could be detrimental to your clients’ businesses.

Environmental Protection for Agricultural Clients

Agricultural operations play a major role in today’s pollution concerns. They often discharge large quantities of agrochemicals, organic matter, drug residues, sediments and saline drainage, which could potentially impact nearby bodies of water and threaten aquatic ecosystems, human health and reproductive activities.

Inspect Your Farm for Fire Safety

This checklist will help you prevent fire on your farm and help keep fire under control. Mark each question with “yes” or “no”. Questions that receive “no” answers indicate potential danger spots that need prompt attention–and correction. Inspect your farm yourself today!

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Shedding Light on Industry Programs: Target Markets 2022 Mid-Year Meeting

Great American Environmental was honored to take part in the Target Markets 2022 Mid-Year Meeting as a platinum sponsor. We are proud to offer numerous programs that provide specialized coverage for a wide range of industries.

TankAssure – Offering Admitted Paper in All 50 States!

Great American’s Environmental Division is pleased to announce our newest program, TankAssure, is offering admitted paper in all 50 states and the District of Columbia!

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Best-in-Class Training for us and YOU!

The evolving work environment caused by the pandemic has shifted the paradigm on how industries need to approach training. In the ongoing transition to a more hybrid and virtual world, seeking and supporting internal talent as well as continuing to support the growth of our brokers has come with its own hurdles - environmental insurance is no different.

2022 NEC/AAAE Annual Airports Conference

This annual conference highlights the latest airport policies, protocols and programs for aviation industry professionals. Topics covered include multiple facets of the industry, including airport planning, design, finance, management, safety, environmental issues, engineering and field lighting.

Discover What We Cover: A Great American Environmental Podcast – Contracting Services

Episode five of Discover What We Cover discusses Contracting Services, or CSE, policy. This policy is crafted with contractors in mind, offering more than just standard environmental pollution coverage. As one of our three available forms, this episode will be the first of our three-part series. Listen now!

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Lurking Environmental Dangers of Manufactured Gas Plants

Although historically terminated, MGPs environmental impacts remain today. Regardless of the duration or when the operation ceased, these impacts of MGPs continue to generate long-term harm to the environment and have the potential to incur liability cost to property owners. Our team explores potential risks your clients may face and how to address them.

PFAS is SO Last Year – Let’s Discuss Other Emerging Contaminants

While PFAS has been top of mind for many in recent years, numerous other contaminants that have begun to play a part in everyday life and may pose as hazards to human and environmental health. We understand the intricacies of environmental exposures and can help protect against experiencing further loss.

Protect Against the Hazards of Cold Storage – Environmental Risks of Anhydrous Ammonia

While ammonia refrigeration has many environmental, economic and energy efficiency benefits, mishandling and mismanagement of ammonia refrigeration systems can possibly lead to significant harm to public health and safety.


Wrong Place, Wrong Time – 2022 Industry Trends!

Be ready when life happens. These situations related to various industry trends illustrate the variety of environmental exposures that could affect your customers!

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Environmental Training Corner

This year, we are thrilled to introduce a new training section to the Broker Toolkit – Environmental Training Corner. Don’t miss out on our first educational offering, the Underground Storage Tank Series!

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Employee Spotlight

Great American’s Environmental Division is excited to recognize and congratulate the following team member promotions. Thank you for your hard work and continued contribution to our team’s success!

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RISKWORLD: 2022 RIMS Annual Conference

Our team recently had the pleasure of attending the RISKWORLD – RIMS Annual Conference in San Francisco, California. As one of the nation’s most comprehensive risk management gatherings, the annual conference delivers a diverse range of educational sessions, networking opportunities and an extensive marketplace to discuss risk management strategy with industry professionals.

EECMA Annual Conference

The Environmental and Emerging Claim Manager Association (EECMA) recently hosted its 36th Annual Conference! Great American Environmental’s Sara Brothers had the opportunity to speak at the conference, touching on the latest legal, scientific and regulatory aspects surrounding Ethylene Oxide or EtO.

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