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As we recently reached one year since the start of a global pandemic, so many changes have occurred. Our old routines of dropping children off to school or driving to our workplace were replaced by setting up virtual classrooms and home offices for so many of us.

Great American’s Environmental Division was launched in 2008 and is one of the few carriers serving the environmental industry with such longevity. As we enter a new decade with our valued brokers, agents and insureds, we look forward to continuing the work we value the most: keeping businesses strong, and in turn, our world clean for generations to come.

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Pollution conditions can have the potential to impede business operations. Without a product pollution policy, an insured may not be properly protected. The following video illustrates how Great American Environmental Product Pollution policy does just this. We hope you enjoy!

Introducing Great American Environmental’s Brownfield Redevelopment Riskopolis Series!

From redevelopment construction to ongoing weather and business interruptions, every phase of an infrastructure project may pose environmental risks. Throughout this year, we will introduce scenarios showcasing a variety of potential environmental exposures within the redevelopment industry.

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Continued Focus on Servicing Contractors with Blueprint Program

The Contractors Blueprint program was designed for the specific needs of the contracting sector and can accommodate small to mid-sized contractors in most classes.

CCDC Enforces New Insurance Requirements for Canadian Contractors

Did you know there are new insurance regulations for Canadian contractors? See how Lions Gate Underwriting can assist your contractor clients to meet these new regulations!

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Eric McCabe, Divisional Senior Vice President and National Underwriting Director, in collaboration with Alexander E. Potente and Angela Probasco from Clyde & Co US LLP, were recently featured in an Environmental Claims Journal publication.

The Power of Online Tools – Great American Environmental’s Digital Resources!

The pandemic has created opportunities to embrace technology by fully relying on digital interaction to communicate within the business world. As a result, the trend of working remotely has accelerated the need of convenient, online, easily accessible marketing resources.

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Are Rising Concerns of Plastic Contamination Leading to New Environmental Regulations?

The use of plastic plays a large role in our everyday lives – grocery bags, beverage bottles, food wrappers…the list continues. The potential health implications plastics can have on the human body has recently increased public awareness. Similar to the PFAS chemical group, research on the environmental concerns of plastic contamination continues to grow and is monitored by many groups.

Adaptability is commonly known as a key success factor in the dry-cleaning industry. As a result of its long history, widespread presence and many well-known environmental concerns, dry-cleaning professionals have grown accustom to inheriting demanding business practices that adhere to ever-evolving industry standards.


Wrong Place, Wrong Time!

Be ready when life happens. These product pollution situations illustrate the variety of environmental exposures that could affect your customers!

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Environmental Broker Toolkit – New Resources Available!

One of our division’s initiatives in response to the recent feedback received in our broker satisfaction survey is to effectively refresh brokers on our new products and service offerings. With this feedback in mind, we are proud to introduce our new, educational platform – The Environmental Broker Toolkit!

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Meet Our Leadership Team!

In effort to ensure we are the company of choice for environmental insurance brokers, our division places high importance on establishing a strong and dynamic team of professionals.

Employee Spotlight

Great American’s Environmental Division is excited to recognize and congratulate the following team member promotions. Thank you for your hard work and continued contribution to our team’s success!

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RIMS LIVE Annual Conference

Our underwriters recently had the opportunity to attend the RIMS LIVE Annual Conference. This virtual event was one of the nation’s most comprehensive risk management conferences, delivering a diverse range of educational sessions facilitated by innovative risk managers and practitioners.

Valentine Feud – Celebrating Cupid Day!

Roses are red, violets are blue, getting together is important to do! To bridge the distance between our widely dispersed office locations, our team strives to connect each quarter to strengthen our strong collaborative culture among members.

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