A Letter from the Divisional President: Mark Vuono


As we welcome 2020, we look forward to a new decade full of new opportunities that lie ahead. Before we launch into a new business year, it is important to reflect on a successful 2019 – made possible by our dedicated network of business partners. Below highlights just a handful of what we have accomplished.

For 2020, we are excited to feature upcoming business expansion opportunities beyond our traditional offerings. A few examples of new programs that you will hear more about throughout the year include:

  • Developing a stand-alone Products Pollution policy targeting certain manufacturing classes.
  • Working with New Empire to offer pollution coverage to various association groups.
  • Continuing the expansion of several existing programs, implemented with key specialty broker partners. We are delighted to continue these mutually beneficial relationships and look forward to the success of these programs in 2020.

As we started to plan for this new decade, we identified our keys to success you will see outlined below. Focusing on strategic growth in which we ensure our culture remains at the forefront of any business decisions, these “keys” will help to guide us in best serving our customer needs for the next decade and beyond.

  • Professionalism: To work with all people in an ethical and respectful manner
  • Quality: To ensure that our work product is complete, accurate and meets the needs of our customers
  • Service-Oriented: To constantly exceed the needs of our customers as best as possible
  • Ownership: To take responsibility for our actions and commitment to a strong work ethic
  • Change: To adapt to change which remains a constant within our industry
  • Collaboration: To work as a team, because we’re stronger together than we are individually

Only by excelling in these core principles will we be able to “climb the mountain” and maintain our position as one of the industry’s premier environmental insurance carriers.

As we start 2020, we remain proud to be one of only a handful of carriers who have achieved success during the last decade – we fully recognize that our successes and achievements would not have been possible without the strong support that all of you have given to us since our inception in 2008.

env timeline Keys to Success

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I extend my sincere wishes for a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to all of you. We look forward to working with you in 2020 and for many years to come!

Mark Vuono

Mark Vuono
Mark Vuono, Divisional President
Great American Environmental Division

Mark is Divisional President after holding the position of Chief Underwriting Officer since the start of Great American’s Environmental Division. Along with his extensive experience in the insurance field including business planning, product development, underwriting and training, his background also includes experience as an environmental specialist as well as a health & safety officer. He is based out of our Exton, PA office.