Environmental Resources Available During Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic


New Resource Available During Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic to help facilitate awareness and best management practices for property owners, managers and construction projects during building vacancies.

COVID-19 Management Practices


In an effort to offer any support that we can to you and your business, we have collaborated with RiskNomics, one of our expert risk control vendors, to provide the best practices memo to manage and help prevent water intrusion, mold and legionella as a resource to you.

Within the link below, you will find best management practices for a building’s or facility’s potential shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Considerations for Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Management during a pandemic


Great American Environmental collaborated with Russ Nassof of Risknomics to present a webinar focusing on best practices for building facilities management, control measures and business re-opening and recovery.

There are still many unknowns when it comes to the spread of the virus, however it is well known that it is far more contagious than the flu. The SARS-CoV-2 is an envelope virus, meaning that it is hosted in a tiny capsule of protein filled with genetic materials, or RNA. The RNA cannot spread without the host of the protein capsule, meaning that detection of RNA does not necessarily mean that it is viable and still able to successfully transmit the virus.

When addressing business continuity plans, it is important to create a Pandemic Preparedness and Response Program (PPRP) by assembling a Risk Management Team.

This team should perform a Risk Assessment in order to define concerning exposures and develop a comprehensive action plan to ensure all employees are apprised of current laws and regulations enforced by state and local governments. In preparation, it is also important that employees receive a health and safety training and access to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

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New Riskopolis! Environmental Risks Lurking in Warehouse Operations


The logistics industry poses many hazards, whether it’s warehouse or transportation management, there are countless environmental concerns that require proper coverage when operating a facility.

Take a look at the lurking environmental dangers warehouse management professionals may face. Are your customers protected from exposures like these?

Environmental Risk of Shopping Centers


“By 2022, analysts estimate that one of our every four malls in the U.S. could be out of business.” 1 When considering the redevelopment of a current or former mall property, it is important to follow proper due diligence by reviewing prior Phase I, Phase II and other historical documents. Even if a mall appears to be in very good condition, environmental hazards such as asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs and mold growth may require active remediation.

Fortunately for site owners, sellers, buyers, developers, lenders and other interested parties, environmental insurance is available to help mitigate these sort of risks.

Learn how to mitigate these Risks


Financial Strength Brochure – Standing the Test of Time


Through the wars, weather and worries for nearly 150 years, customers have trusted us to protect what matters most to them. Our innovative and specialized insurance solutions are designed to serve niche marketplaces that we know well. With our deep expertise and financial strength, we have laid a foundation of success that has stood the test of time.

Our strength reflects continued execution of a long-term strategy focused on pricing discipline, profitable growth and honoring our commitments. Great American’s Environmental Division, was launched in April 2008, and is one of the few carriers serving the environmental industry with such longevity. With a long-standing commitment to providing the support and services you deserve, it’s our priority to offer expert guidance and helpful resources to assist in best serving your clients.

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PC360 Publication: COVID-19 results in heightened environmental exposures


As the country and the entire world struggle to control the immediate threat to human health caused by the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there are numerous environmental concerns and unexpected consequences that businesses must also deal with, both shorter and longer term.

Concerns that may heighten environmental exposures:

Immediate Concerns Long-term Impacts Looking Forward Beyond COVID
Vacancies of buildings for indefinite amounts of time Building re-occupancy Need for additional, cleaner sources of energy
Repurposing of vacant properties for emergency needs Reopening of construction project sites
Sudden disruptions, delays or abandonment of on-going construction projects Permanently closed businesses resulting in building vacancies or redevelopment
Future development of logistical operation needs, such as warehouses and distribution centers, etc.
Increase in the transportation of goods
Potential for more manufacturing operations to move back “on-shore”

Risk&Insurance Publication: Three Ways COVID-19 Accelerates E-Commerce and Creates New Environmental Exposures


Long-term social distancing may permanently change the way we shop, and that in turn may have consequences for the environment. Insurers can help facilitate growth while minimizing risk. Learn more about the three ways the pandemic has accelerated e-commerce and how environmental insurance can help protect businesses from redevelopment exposures as the world transitions to the normality of online transactions.

  1. AdobeStock_321218561_web Operational exposures emerge with redevelopment of retail spaces.
  2. AdobeStock_299882711_web Brownfields and landfills hold potential as renewable energy sites, but historical contamination poses a threat.
  3. AdobeStock_166066499_wweb Increased transportation of goods means greater likelihood of pollution events.

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We remain committed to ensuring our high level of service and support during these extraordinary times. Being responsive to the needs of our brokers, agents, insureds and claimants remains our top priority. As a division, we pride ourselves on rising to meet major challenges with optimism and determination. Even in uncertain circumstances, you can be confident that our team is taking measures to provide seamless continuity in our service to you. Our goal is to minimize disruption to our business operations and maintain high service standards.

We hope that when you have the opportunity, you will let us know if we can do anything to help make this time less stressful for you.

Thank you for your business and continued support.

Great American’s Environmental Division

Our division is adhering to the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). For additional information about COVID-19, visit cdc.gov.

Sara Brothers
Sara Brothers, Divisional Vice President, Technical Support
Great American Environmental Division

Sara Brothers is a Divisional Vice President with Great American’s Environmental Division. She brings over 30 years of environmental consulting and construction management experience to Great American. Sara’s background is as a senior geologist with extensive consulting and industry experience in the petroleum, industrial, commercial, and government sectors. She serves as the director of technical support as well as training and is based out of our New York office.


  1. 1. Time, July 31, 2017