Meet Our Valued Team

Ivy Rosier, Contracts Sr. Attorney, Underwriting

In effort to ensure we are the insurance company of choice for environmental insurance brokers, it is important we establish a strong and dynamic team. Each issue of Environmental Insider will introduce you to members of our team and describe the unique role they play to support you and your clients.

Ivy Rosier is a part of our executive underwriting team who are focused on the decision-making and operational aspects of our underwriting department. As a member of both the Pennsylvania and Massachusetts bar associations, Ivy serves as our Contracts Counsel. She has the unique role of providing counsel to the Environmental Division with regard to policy and endorsement language, regulatory compliance, risk allocation in commercial contracts, insurance regulations, reinsurance, contract language, corporate policy implementation and data management.

Ivy came to Great American Insurance Group’s Environmental Division with two decades of experience in the insurance industry. She has a record of success both as an underwriter and serving as counsel within the industry. Previously, she served as an attorney in private practice focused on insurance coverage and defense litigation where she represented insurance carriers.

Even with all the responsibilities her role entails, it’s important to her that, at the end of the day, her work supports the division’s underwriters in providing the best service to our brokers.

Rosier’s role allows her to directly contribute to the service-oriented culture Great American strives for, whether it’s working with an underwriter to craft a manuscript that is tailored to the particular needs of an insured, contributing to a discussion with a niche broker or providing feedback to our newest underwriters. Rosier’s days never look the same which is what she loves as it gives her the ability to learn something new every day.

When asked to describe her role and experience at Great American, three words are expressed a copious amount of times: team, collaboration and trust.

“The culture I experienced on day one is the same one I’m experiencing today,” Rosier said. “Everyone is willing to take time out of their busy schedules to listen, help out or get down in the trenches with you. This environment is what I believe helps set our work product apart from others.”

In line with the environmental division’s goals, Ivy has a growth mindset. Not only focused on personal growth, she is also focused on helping the team grow. A combination of various experts in the field who are educated and knowledgeable make up a team of underwriters, leadership, technical support and more – all working together, consulting with one another and learning from one another to ultimately support our customers and grow our industry presence.

Collaboration graphic

This relationship-centric culture that Rosier appreciates is also what has helped the division to achieve the growth and development it’s experienced in its first 10 years. The core products and services of the division have enabled businesses to effectively and efficiently manage risks that can threaten their financial security.

Through experts, like Rosier, Great American Insurance Group’s Environmental Division works to uncover the hidden risks in a client’s operations and develop a custom program to protect them. A complete portfolio of environmental insurance products, including contractor’s and fixed premises pollution liability insurance products is also offered.

“I’ve been at Great American for a little over three years, and I am really excited about the team and the products that we’ve built. We know the environmental business, and we work hard to help businesses meet their goals with a complete offering of environmental products and support,” Rosier said. “It’s great to see our division driving productivity while successfully serving our brokers and their clients.”