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State Building Codes

There are many variables to consider as you consistently work to provide your customers with comprehensive risk management. Whether you are working with the property owner or the contractor, you will be involved with some aspect of construction law. Building codes are an essential part of that law.

While most states have adopted a version of the International Building Code or similar code, the extent and application of such is not universal. For example, Vermont does not have state building codes for private residential structures; Colorado does not have state building codes for commercial construction; and Rhode Island follows the International Residential Code.

It may not be paramount that you are unable to apprise your client of the obligations of every state; however, knowing where to find this information may be the service enhancement that puts you above the competition. In an effort to assist our business partners, we have compiled a list of hyperlinks to state building codes. Although it does not provide interpretations of the codes, it makes a convenient reference to the information.

As always, we are proud to serve as a resource to you and your business. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or product needs you may have. Let us work together to analyze the environmental risks associated with your contractor or facility.

We, at Great American, hope that the start of the New Year has already brought you many opportunities and good fortune. We look forward to working with you in 2018!


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Eric McCabe

Eric is a vice president with Great American’s Environmental Division and serves as our director of national underwriting. Along with his extensive experience in the insurance field, Eric holds his J.D. and previously worked as an environmental chemist. He is based out of our New York office.