2021 PERRIN Environmental Risk & Litigation Conference

The Great American Environmental team is continuously seeking ways to broaden their scope of knowledge by staying up to date on the latest industry trends. This past fall, Sara Brothers and Paul Scian had the opportunity to not only attend, but also speak at the PERRIN Environmental Risk & Litigation Conference.

Environmental Risk

This annual conference showcases thought leaders in environmental litigation and provides multiple networking opportunities with defense attorneys, in-house counsel, and insurance professionals. The goal is to educate, advocate and advance discourse in a balanced atmosphere of learning, networking and sharing.

With multiple educational sessions presented, Great American Environmental was fortunate enough to have two of our industry professionals speak at the conference.

Sarah Brothers

Sara Brothers, Divisional Vice President, spoke on a panel discussing unregulated chemicals and emerging contaminants with regard to agricultural risks. With over 100 attendees in the crowd, the speakers broke down the criteria for what qualifies a contaminant as “emerging” and how long it retains that classification. Some contaminants discussed included cycloparaffins, 6 PPD Quinone, ethylene oxide, lithium, 1,2,3-TCP and microplastics. The session concluded with the panel discussing some risk management strategies and insurance considerations for emerging contaminants.

Paul Scian, Senior Loss Control Consultant, had the opportunity to contribute to a panel focused on microplastics and the challenges they pose for regulators. The panel spoke on the background of microplastics and how they came to be so prevalent in our everyday lives, potential litigation concerns, leading legislation at both the state and federal level and some recommended actions that may assist companies in proactively mitigating their contribution to microplastics levels.

Interested in learning more about the rising concerns of plastic contamination? Check out Paul’s publication here!

Our team is dedicated to helping clients develop a comprehensive risk management strategy to prevent potential environmental exposures. The experts at Great American Environmental offer specialized coverage that can protect against complicated and often costly pollution risks.

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