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As an insurance broker or agent working within an ever-changing industry, it is important to stay up-to-date on trends where coverage opportunities may follow. At Great American, we understand that environmental insurance can be complex, and it can be difficult to find applicable marketing tools which educate clients on the risks and coverage needs of the environmental insurance market.

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The Broker Toolkit was developed as a one-stop shop for access to all the educational tools and resources needed to assist in successfully marketing environmental insurance to your current and prospective clients.


We encourage you to take advantage of our newest resources such our recently launched podcast: Discover What We Cover: A Great American Environmental Podcast, which focuses on numerous topics related to the environmental insurance industry. Each episode of our podcast will cover a range of topics and include discussions on different environmental insurance FAQs, industry trends and emerging issues.

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Great American Environmental's Family Cookbook has also been added to the Toolkit! Filled with homemade dishes brought to you exclusively from our underwriting team, each member’s recipe page is centered around a holiday, allowing you to prepare tasty, festive treats year-round.

Discover additional Toolkit resources exclusive to our brokers and coverage solutions for your clients!

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