Prepare to act, not react with Great American Environmental’s Response & React (R&R) Program

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Discover the importance of establishing an emergency response plan!

Accidents happen! When a chemical, fuel or unperceived hazardous substance spill occurs your client needs to take immediate action. The logistics and regulatory burdens to clean up a spill can be broad, complicated and overwhelming. When an unexpected situation arises with potentially long-term negative consequences, companies may be caught off guard and struggle with an appropriate response.

How can a company efficiently respond to an emergency situation and comply with environmental regulations and internal company guidelines while safeguarding its credible reputation and revenues?

Great American Environmental’s Response & React Program is specifically designed to help policyholders quickly and efficiently navigate the response plan from the moment a spill occurs to the final site approval.


Having a response program in place allows insureds to prepare to act, not react, which assures peace of mind during a critical situation.

The following story demonstrates the service benefits of the R&R Program and the negative repercussions that may follow if an emergency protocol is not established.

Consider the following example…

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Visit the resources below to learn more about how our R&R Program could help in a critical clean-up situation!



Great American Environmental’s Response and React (R&R) program is administered by CURA Emergency Services – a five-star emergency service program and a recognized leader in the environmental and emergency response industry for more than 25 years. CURA works with a nationwide network of contractors and remediation specialist who can assist in most facets of environmental management and emergency response from testing to remediation and regulatory closure, protecting you from additional risks and environmental hazards – providing the response you need for your business to succeed.

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