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The pandemic has created opportunities to embrace technology by fully relying on digital interaction to communicate within the business world. As a result, the trend of working remotely has accelerated the need of convenient, online, easily accessible marketing resources.

As the environmental insurance industry continues to mature, the vast array of online information can be overwhelming to collect and comprehend. In 2020, our division placed an emphasis on developing helpful online resources to assist you and your clients’ marketing efforts.

We encourage you to explore our newest digital resources!

Broker/ Agent Toolkit


As an insurance broker or agent working within an ever-changing industry, it is important to stay informed on the latest market trends, considering coverage opportunities may soon follow. At Great American, we understand that environmental insurance can be complex, and with a plethora of resources available, it can prove challenging to find reliable marketing tools for educating clients about the environmental insurance industry.

The Broker/Agent Toolkit was developed as a one-stop shop providing access to the educational tools and resources needed to assist in successfully marketing environmental insurance to your current and prospective clients.

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Access the Broker/Agent Toolkit

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Claims Scenario Library


Be ready when life happens! These situations illustrate the variety of environmental exposures that could just as easily have affected your customers! We hope these assist in facilitating discussion regarding risk management strategies with clients. 

Our newly revamped Claims Scenarios Library includes real circumstances that illustrate the variety of environmental exposures that may easily have affected your customers.

Environmental liability can be highly complex, and it is now easier than ever to navigate through our interactive page to assist strategizing risk management discussions. From natural disasters to specific industry exclusive risks, you will find these event and industry-focused claim examples to be beneficial in validating coverage needs to your clients in a very tangible and demonstrable way.

Learn More about Potential Environmental Risks

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Service Page

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What makes Great American’s Environmental Division so GREAT? In addition to providing industry-leading coverage to our policyholders, value added services and staff of insurance professionals, who are experts in underwriting, technical industry topics, risk management, and claims resolution, truly distinguish us among the industry.

As one of only a handful of carriers who have served the environmental sector for more than a dozen consecutive years, our team of experts takes pride in their commitment to service excellence, technical expertise, and the responsiveness needed to provide your clients with comprehensive risk management.

We strive to handle each policy with accuracy, efficiency, and accountability. Our truest belief is putting the needs of our clients first. Our top priority will always be to provide the best service and coverage to our brokers and agents’ clients with unique market products.

Product Videos

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The following videos illustrate how Great American Environmental can help mitigate the burdens your clients may face during difficult pollution events. When you need responsive insurance services, you can count on us to deliver swift tailored solutions – allowing your clients to stay focused on what matters most: the success of her or his business. 

Within essentially every industry, you will find some degree of environmental pollution exposure.

 A significant pollution event can be financially threatening and detrimental to the operations of the business and the company’s reputation.

As your resource, Great American halts environmental protection concerns by providing a clear, consistent, and competitive solution. A Premises Environmental Liability (PRE) policy from Great American’s Environmental Division provides protection against environmental liability resulting from pollution conditions associated with a covered location, including: bodily injury, property damage, legal expenses, and clean-up costs.In addition, the PRE policy also covers pollution liability arising from: non-owned disposal sites, transportation of products or wastes, business interruption, contingent business interruption, and incidental contracting services.

Understanding Environmental Premises Policies

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Why is it important for lenders to protect themselves when loaning money to a commercial customer?

A lender’s objective is to facilitate a symbiotic relationship with clients to help them achieve their business goals. But what happens when a borrower fails to honor their obligation to repay the lender? In the instance a borrower is unable to fulfill their obligation, the commercial lender may assert their equitable rights to assume management of the borrower's property. The property assumed may have significant environmental exposures, which can result in major financial hardships for the lender to resolve.

Our Environmental Premises Commercial Lender policy is specifically tailored to protect secured creditors from liability arising out of known and unknown pollution conditions at the insured real estate.

Great American understands the intricacies of environmental exposures and helping to protect commercial lenders against experiencing further loss – empowering financial institutions to not only be indemnified in the default of a loan should there be a known environmental issue, but also, afford lenders several options to accomplish this:

  •  Allowing for creative loan negotiations (Brownfield Tax Credits)
  •  Repaying the principal balance of the insured loan
  •  Maintaining value of a performing property
  •  Providing the timely payment of estimated remediation cost

Understanding Commercial Lender Premises Policies

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In 2021, you can rely on the professionals at Great American Environmental to continue devoting their efforts on instituting helpful marketing resources as an accessible reference for your business needs.

We hope you find this information useful and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the support you need to see your business thrive!