Stay safe with these hurricane clean up and recovery tips

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Not only do we concern ourselves with the safety of our agents and clients, but we also try to make it easier for you to operate in a safer environment. Please review these Hurricane Clean Up and Recovery Safety Tips to learn how to avoid hazards and safely clean-up after a hurricane.

From various training sessions and education information such as our Safety Topics, we provide specialized services to help reduce loss potential, loss costs and control unsafe acts and conditions. To use these valuable resources, visit

An important value of your insurance coverage is the insurer’s ability and reputation for responding to and handling a claim. Great American’s Property & Inland Marine Division is dedicated to offering excellent claims service to insureds.

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Property & Inland Marine After Hours Claim Services (USA only)
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Crawford and Company
866-354-0148 - Code 15797

After Hours Emergency Restorations/Clean-Up (USA only)

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