ClearOne Equipment Management

Everything you need for successful equipment management

 ClearOne provides easy equipment management

  • A web portal, customized for your organization, is an easy-to-use interface for initiating equipment service requests and managing vendor-related processes.
  • A dedicated program manager who is knowledgeable about your equipment is readily available to assist and answer questions.
  • Electronic notifications of service requests are sent to your list of need-to-know employees.
  • Coordination of ClearOne with your in-house service capabilities reimburses you for qualified services performed by in-house technicians on any equipment in your program.
  • Freedom to keep your existing vendors or choose from our vetted alternative vendors provides you choices and control over your service quality.
  • Addition or removal of equipment from your program at any time during the agreement term provides you flexibility.
  • Complete service records for each piece of equipment in your program are available 24/7.
  • Knowing your equipment management program is provided by GAI Warranty Company, a non-insurance member of Great American Insurance Group, means peace of mind.