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Cultural Loss Control

It’s really quite simple – workers’ compensation expense is driven by claims. Reduce the number of claims and you reduce your expense.

Strategic Comp’s approach to reducing claims focuses on “culture.” We believe that most accidents are caused by unsafe behaviors, and we know how to help our customers build a safety culture that minimizes the behaviors that cause the accidents.

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to loss control. Instead, our account managers and loss control consultants work with each of our customers to create individualized, practical, and cost-effective programs that strengthen the customer’s safety culture without disrupting operations. It is not uncommon for businesses that come to us with problematic loss histories to see dramatic first year loss reductions. For those who come to us with already strong safety cultures, we are still able to provide outside expertise and find ways to assist in a spirit of continuous improvement.

​Field-Based Claims Adjusting

We believe that superior claims results come from:

  • Strong adjusters who work in the field
  • Low case loads
  • Working closely with our customers

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But, have you ever asked your claims adjuster how many open claims he or she handles? Industry average is between 150-200 claims per adjuster. Our field adjusters average 60 open claims.

Those low case loads allow our field adjusters to devote their time and energy to actually adjusting each claim. They conduct their own investigations, coordinate medical services, work with doctors and employers to create return-to-work options, and move their claims as fast as possible towards resolution.

Each of our customers is assigned a field-based adjuster who lives in the customer’s state and is an expert in that state’s workers’ compensation laws. Our field adjusters stay in constant communication with our customers and are known presences in their facilities. It is also common for our field adjusters to meet face-to-face with a claimant either at the hospital, at work, or even at his or her home.

Strong adjusters with low case loads working closely with our customers – it’s a formula that makes all the difference.