Major retailers and financial institutions have experienced devastating breaches in recent years, but you don’t have to be a large company to be vulnerable to an attack. A 2014 study by the National Small Business Association reports that 44% of small businesses surveyed have been victims of at least one cyber-attack, with an average cost of $8,700 for each breach. You can’t afford to be next.

If your business does any of the following, you should consider cyber coverage:

  • Uses the internet
  • Maintains a website or social media presence
  • Accepts electronic payment
  • Keeps personal and/or medical data on clients or employees
  • Issues laptops, tablets, or smartphones to your employees

With Great American’s Cyber Coverage, you’ll receive:

  • Integrated incident response services. In the event of a breach, your coverage includes consulting services from CyberScout, including regulatory consulting, consumer notification assistance, media relations consulting and an incident response plan.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. We offer eight separate insuring agreements that you can purchase individually, collectively or in combination. These coverages address not only your expenses related to a cyber breach, but also your potential liability to others.