If you process donations or take event registrations online, if you store and transfer information on clients and volunteers, or if you have a web presence of any kind, then your organization could be at risk of experiencing a cyber-attack.

Great American’s Risk e-Business Cyber Loss & Liability Policy has just two insuring agreements and includes coverage enhancements for both first-first party loss expense and third-party liability expense, helping to protect your organization from potentially costly damage following a privacy or network security incident.

Why You Need Coverage: A Claims Scenario


A church employee clicked on a phishing email, unknowingly infecting their systems with malicious software that caused the church data to be encrypted and rendered inaccessible. Cyber criminals demanded a ransom to be paid by digital currency within 48 hours in exchange for encryption keys. The church was not only faced with a high ransom cost, but also the costs associated with conducting a forensic investigation to determine if criminals accessed personal information, following regulatory requirements and restoring the data.

Great American understands the risks you face, and we offer the cyber coverage you need to protect your community.

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Why Choose Great American for Cyber Loss & Liability Protection?

Our cyber insurance products are designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

A primary cyber risk insurance policy should be the first policy to respond to your client’s cyber incident. Whether it’s a first party loss or a liability claim, many typical package policies do not cover activities associated with a cyber-related event. Limits up to $5 million are available to companies with up to $250 million in revenue across a broad range of targeted classes.

24/7 Incident Response

Each of Great American’s primary cyber risk insurance products is offered with access to the eRiskHub portal to help your clients prevent and prepare for the cyber risks they face. Enrollment is included with policy purchase and our network of professionals is just a click or call away, every hour of every day.


Help improve your security posture with a non-intrusive internet search for signals like open ports, malware infections and out-of-date software. Your score can help identify risk and opportunities for improvement.

Claims scenarios are provided to illustrate possible exposures faced by you or clients. The facts of any situation which may actually arise, and the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations