Sometimes, Occupational Accident coverage isn't enough. Based on state regulations, you may need to obtain Workers' Compensation coverage, regardless of Independent Contractor status. In some cases, these plans can also be made available to employee drivers or clerical employees.

For Fleet Owners - Fleet Owners who lease on to Motor Carriers often need to provide Workers' Compensation coverage for their drivers. When a Motor Carrier sponsors a Great American Occupational Accident program for its leased Fleet Owners, Workers' Compensation for the Fleet Owners' employee drivers maybe available.

For Motor Carriers - Motor Carriers sponsoring a Great American Occupational Accident with Contingent Liability program can purchase Workers' Compensation coverage for drivers and clerical employees of the Motor Carrier. This enhancement provides convenience of one stop shopping for Motor Carriers with Owner-Operator teams.

For Owner-Operators - Certain states require that all truckers (regardless of Independent Contractor status) be covered by Workers' Compensation. Great American offers Workers' Compensation for Independent Contractors in those jurisdictions.

Ohio Domiciled Trucking Operations

Ohio employers are required to purchase a Workers' Compensation policy from the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, which does not provide coverage for claims filed in any other state. Great American Insurance Group's, "Other States Coverage", offers a solution for the long-haul driver going over state lines.