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Great American’s Annuity businesses have been sold to MassMutual, effective May 28, 2021. If you are a current customer, you can continue to find account information by logging into the secured website or by calling Customer Service at 800-854-3649. You may also contact your financial professional.
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At Great American Life Insurance Company, our goal is to simplify your path to financial security. You can find annuities that are easier to understand, helping to achieve your goals with no surprises.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, our Customer Service representatives strive to provide friendly, knowledgeable and timely service to each of our 500,000+ contract owners.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about their experience with Great American Life!

“I have been satisfied with my experience with Great American for MANY years.”

Naida V. on Dec 29, 2017

“It takes way too long to process a withdrawal.”

We’re pleased to report our average processing time has been reduced to 1-2 business days.

— Anonymous on Dec 19, 2017

“Always professional and helpful!”

— Maurice G. on Dec 13, 2017

“Excellent service, very professional, makes the process so smooth and easy.”

— Jenifer T. on Dec 11, 2017

“The last time I took a withdrawal, it took weeks. So I can say this time was much faster! Thank you!”

We’re pleased to report our average processing time has been reduced to 1-2 business days!

— Anonymous on Dec 8, 2017

“Always very efficient and professional. Took care of my request promptly.”

— Anonymous on Dec 6, 2017

“Everyone I have spoken with in Customer Services has been courteous and helpful. I appreciate the professionalism that your organization presents.”

— Mary N. on Nov 28, 2017

“Your staff was very helpful (and friendly) assisting me with the best way to handle this year's RMD”

— Rochelle G. on Nov 24, 2017

“I have been extremely satisfied with Great American. Customer Service very helpful. Would definitely recommend to a friend.”

Anonymous on Nov 15, 2017

“I was surprised by the ease of the process. Normally in such cases, one is made to jump through hoops. Thank you for your competence.”

— Anonymous on Nov 14, 2017

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As a leading provider of annuities, Great American Life Insurance Company is committed to helping people plan for a secure retirement. We offer a level of financial strength that our customers can count on. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of MassMutual, one of the largest life insurance companies in the U.S., founded in 1851.

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