Make a Payment for Policyholders

The following services are only available to Property and Casualty Direct Bill policyholders.


MyBilling offers policyholders easy access to direct bill information, copies of all output, downloadable invoices, payment history, policy activity and real-time billing information.  You can also sign up for paperless billing and use MyBilling to access all billing information.

MyBilling allows you to make a one-time payment or establish a recurring payment.  There is no additional fee to use this service.  You can make a payment using your bank account (checking or savings) or credit card (not available for Crop payments). With recurring payments, you don’t have to remember to mail or call in your payment.  (Recurring payments not available for Crop payments.) Great American will mail an invoice to notify you of the amount of a pending recurring payment, along with indicating the account you have authorized to be charged.

The Crop Division allows policyholders to pay premiums by phone. For MPCI payments, call 800 341 5546. For Crop-Hail payments, call 888 309 3949.

To make a one-time payment or set up a recurring payment, click on the “Make A Payment” link below the invoice that resembles the one you currently receive.

Direct Bill Invoice
Make a Payment
Available for Specialty Insurance except for the following divisions: Crop, FCIA, Great American Custom,
and Trucking.


Crop Statement
Make a Payment
Available for Crop

Trucking Premium Invoice
Make a Payment
Available for Trucking

If your current invoice is not displayed, your policy does not currently qualify for the Make A Payment service. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 800 847 4357 (except for Crop payments).

To sign up for the MyBilling website, click on the Register as a New User? link and follow the easy instructions in our self registration process.  

For questions regarding MyBilling access, please contact Specialty Accounting at 800 847 4357 or email Visit the MyBilling Website.

If you have questions regarding a Crop payment, please contact us at
or 888 410 0468.

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Make a Payment Links

Make a Payment (not available for Crop, FCIA, Great American Custom, and Trucking)

Crop Make a Payment

Trucking Make a Payment

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