We Have It Covered - Winter Wonderland

Winter Insurance Claims Scenarios

Winter is here, and Great American offers coverages that can help reduce risk during the brisk weather. See if you can guess the property and casualty coverages commonly associated with the season.

  1. Apple Cider – The Crop Division covers apple crops.
  2. Freeze/Hail – The Crop Division offers freeze and crop-hail coverage to protect crops that may be affected by hail or a late seasonal freeze.
  3. Horses – The Equine Mortality and AgriBusiness® Divisions offer coverages for horses that may be used for carriage rides or holiday shows.
  4. Winter Crops – The Crop Division covers the production of crops commonly consumed in the winter such as blueberries, cherries, pecans and walnuts; all of these are also commonly used to make pies during the season.
  5. Heating Systems – The Property & Inland Marine Division offers equipment breakdown coverage for heating and cooling systems within a protected property. 

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