Nonprofit & Social Services Insurance

You face unique risks that can set you apart from other types of businesses. While you work hard to take care of the vulnerable in your community, Great American works hard to help take care of your organization, volunteers and participants.

What should your organization consider when choosing nonprofit insurance protection?

While your mission is to do good in the communities you serve, threats from rogue volunteers to cyber hackers can stop that. You need to work with insurance professionals who understand the wide range of these exposures. 
  1. You have valuable property that requires tailored protection. We offer property coverage that allows for the addition of locations so that as you expand and grow you can continue to focus on serving your community.

  2. Ensure your organizations, volunteers and participants are covered from unexpected risks such as volunteer and participant injuries, client abuse, data breaches impacting your client and employee data and more.

  3. You could be overpaying on state unemployment insurance (SUI) taxes. Our Unemployment Contractual Liability (UCL) policy gives you an underwritten, cost-effective alternative.

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