Service-Oriented, Experienced Underwriters, Delivering Specialty Crime Coverage, Tailored to Your Needs.

We are one of the largest monoline crime insurers in the hemisphere, maintaining $50 million in underwriting capacity for private and public businesses, financial institutions, and governmental entities, and $65 million in our broad Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion policy. We also offer specialized products and programs for the following:

  • Casinos and gaming operations
  • Armored car companies
  • Mining risks
  • ATM companies
  • Security guards
  • Check cashers
  • Fine art insurance for museums, galleries, private collections, libraries, and conservators

Comprehensive Asset Protection Policy

We listened to your needs, researched the marketplace, and utilized its unmatched experience in both underwriting and claims development to create its Comprehensive Asset Protection Policy. This modern commercial crime policy is designed to protect your businesses and organizations, small and large, from crime-related losses.

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